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‘It’s Way Too Much:’ Ryan Coogler Gets Emotional When Little Girl Dressed as Shuri From ‘Black Panther’ Adorably Crashes His Interview

There’s a video currently floating around the internet that can make anyone tear up.

The clip comes from the latest episode of “Elvis Goes There” on Epix, where Ryan Coogler was discussing his film “Creed” with host Elvis Mitchell. Fittingly, the interview took place in King’s Boxing Gym in the director’s hometown of Oakland, and at one point the  unexpected occurred.

Ryan Coogler seemed touched after he saw a little girl dressed as "Black Panther's Princess Shuri.


That’s because out of nowhere, a cute little girl dressed fully as “Black Panther” character Princess Shuri, the sister to the King of Wakanda, appeared. It seems Coogler caught the little girl from the corner of his eye, and it’s clear to see she touched him.

“My favorite movie is ‘Black Panther,'” she said.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” Coogler asked her.

“Black Panther’s sister,” she answered with no hesitation.

Then the little girl reveals that her mother and grandmother helped her make the elaborate costume, then she puts out her fist to shoot just like the character does.

In the background, her mother said her daughter watches the historic film every single day.

“Three times a day,” a man chimes in.

The 32-year-old complimented the little girl’s outfit after that. Then after she left he and fellow Oakland native Andre Ward —  a former boxing champion in two weight classes who retired undefeated in 2017 — talked about the touching moment.

“That’s heavy, bro,” Coogler told him.

“That’s why I say you can’t worry about critics, you can’t worry about stuff people say, ’cause when you have moments like that, like that’s the core of it,” Ward replied. “That’s a baby, and you see the influence you have based on the hard work you put in. Like, that’s what matters. They need you. They’re depending on you. I don’t care what field you in there’s somebody watching you, being inspired by you.”

It appeared that Coogler was trying to grapple with what occurred and admitted it was too much for him to grasp right then and there.

“It’s way too much,” he said shaking his head.

Coogler wasn’t the only one touched, a lot of folks on the Internet were too, and they expressed why it’s important for “Black Panther” and films like it to be made.

“And this is why superhero movies will always be important and this is why REPRESENTATION matters. I love this… #WakandaForever,” someone wrote on Feb 20.

“Beautiful moment,” another person tweeted the same day. “Little Black girls seeing themselves as superheros. Ryan seeing the impact of his work. Moments like these show how important representation is and how crucial it is for Black people to be the ones to create it.”

Meanwhile, Coogler is slated to produce a movie on the late Black Panther Fred Hampton titled “Jesus is My Homeboy” with Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield playing the lead roles.

You can see the video of Coogler and the little girl below.

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