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Meek Mill, Cardi B, Mysonne Speak Out for Family of New York Inmate Who Died Mysteriously in Custody

Meek Mill, Cardi B and the rapper Mysonne want answers about the mysterious death of Anthony Myrie, who was an inmate at the Greene Correctional Facility in New York state.  He died on Feb. 11.

Myrie’s death became known by many after his mother and brother took to Instagram and said they were baffled by the lack of answers about how their loved one passed away.

Cardi B, Meek Mill and Mysonne want to know what happened to a Brooklyn man who mysteriously died at NYSDOC Greene Correctional Facility

(From left) Cardi B, Meek Mill, Mysonne. (Photos: Instagram)

According to the brother, Myrie was taken to the hole while he was on the phone with his wife Sade Myrie around 11:30 a.m., then two hours later she received a call to say he was dead. Anthony was three months into a seven-year prison sentence for criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third degree.

Additionally, Sade Myrie told News 12 that she received text messages from people familiar with the situation who said Anthony was badly injured on the day he died.

“It was a lot of people reaching out to me telling me, texting me, telling me that it don’t look good that he was beaten up bad. I didn’t know what to believe,” she stated. “I still don’t know what to believe. I just want the truth and the facts.”

Sade Myrie said the prison first told that her husband’s  body was taken to Albany Medical Center, but when she called there was no record of him being admitted, and the family had no idea where his body was.

On Friday, Feb. 15, Myrie’s brother shared the news on Instagram that Myrie’s body “was sent to a funeral home in Brooklyn pending an outside autopsy,” which was conducted on Saturday, Feb. 16., according to Loop. The results reportedly will be available in a few weeks.

Out of the three rappers, Mysonne was the first to address Anthony’s death on social media.

“What happen to this Brother??? Where is his body… We need answers!!!” wrote Mysonne on Feb. 13, when the family apparently still was having trouble locating the dead man’s body.

Cardi’s post came the following day.

“GREENCORRECTIONAL FACILITY YOU NOT F—ING GETTING AWAY WITH THIS ONE BITCH!!,” she wrote. ”I remember when I went to visit some one in Green and I couldn’t stop crying cause the C.O beat they face up so bad boy had a black eye for months.”

Mill shared a message on the same day as Cardi, and he was confused why Anthony’s death wasn’t a bigger news story.

“So no major news platforms gonna cover this?????” he asked. “His family can’t find his body after they contacted his family and said he died in state custody!!! New York speak up!!!”

Since the three rappers and others have spoken out, Thomas Mailey, a spokesperson for the correctional facility, claimed Anthony suffered from cardiac arrest after being in a fight. Other reports, however, state the 24-year-old was trying to break up the fight.

Mailey subsequently said that Anthony complained of chest pains and was cleared by the medical staff but he later fell to the ground “unconscious and unresponsive.”

That answer hasn’t satisfied the family at all, and on Monday, Feb. 18, Anthony’s brother posted a photo of himself holding a sign that read “Justice for Trey.”

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