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Dave Chappelle Personally Intervenes When Couple Gets Scammed Buying Tickets to His Valentine’s Day Show

Dave Chappelle did something wonderfully kind for a couple in Charlotte, N.C., who tried to attend his show but got duped.

According to WBTV, a woman named Deidra Dickens bought tickets for herself and husband Eddie Dickens to see the famed comedian perform at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center on Feb. 14.

Deidra Dickens thought the tickets would be the ideal Valentine’s Day gift, because her husband is a huge Chappelle fan. But the wife and mother missed the opportunity to purchase tickets at the box office or another way, so searched on Craigslist and found four.

The tickets were perfect for her circumstances, too, because her husband uses a wheelchair and one of the seats was in the outer aisle, which would allow him to use that seat and access his wheelchair simultaneously. She also wanted to purchase the other two tickets for another couple.

So through Apple Pay, Dickens wired the supposed seller $500 but never received tickets or further communication.

“I was having good faith and it cost me $500. You have no empathy or goodness, or I don’t know, maybe no soul,” she said about the fraudster.

But as Dickens later found out, there are plenty of folks who have a good soul, and Chappelle seems to be one of them, because he delivered the tickets to her personally.

At the time, the only thing they knew was someone anonymous was paying for their meal at the Omni Charlotte Hotel and giving them tickets to the show. But they had no idea it would be the legendary comedian. 

“Always get your tickets from a reliable source,” Chappelle told them as he approached.

Afterward, Chappelle talked about his kind act.

“It felt good. It feels like I was able to make something wrong right,” he told WBTV. “Someone on my team called me and told me about this situation, and we thought it’d be fun to do that for someone for Valentine’s Day. Take every opportunity that’s presented to you to be kind, especially if it’s something that’s easy to do.”

“He didn’t have to do that,” Eddie Dickens said in an interview afterward.

As for the Charlotte show itself, it’s been reported that Chappelle covered a wide array of current topics, including the Jussie Smollett case.

During his set, reports came in that police were considering whether the “Empire” actor fabricated his account of being beaten by two men.

Chappelle said he wanted to break a dollhouse over Smollett’s head for being untruthful.

You can see Dave talk about the Charlotte couple below.

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