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Taye Diggs Shoots His Shot at Former Co-Star Sanaa Lathan: Have My Child, Please

A lot of folks loved the 2002 film “Brown Sugar” that starred Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan as friends who eventually fell in love. The actors also played a couple in the 1999 film “Best Man,” as well as its sequel “The Best Man Holiday,” and now fans want them to hook up for real.

That’s because on Valentine’s Day Lathan posted some photos of herself that sparked a lot of comments from men, who said they’ve had a crush on the actress since her film “Love & Basketball” 19 years ago.

Diggs was one of the first men to gush over the photos, and he asked Lathan if there was any chance she’d have his child.

“Just one ☝🏿. One baby. I’ll raise her,” Diggs wrote on Thursday. “We can even use a surrogate…. just one with you. Please. I need them genes.”

To say fans were excited about Taye shooting his shot would be a vast understatement, because many begged for him and Lathan to be together.

“omg can yall please!!! Give us a little brown sugar,” one person wrote.

“that baby would rule the world. Please make it happen,” wrote another.

@tayediggsinsta why don’t you just marry her,” someone else asked.

But even if Mr. Diggs did drop to his knee one day and propose to Lathan, there’s a good chance her answer would be no, because she enjoys the single life. It’s something she admitted during a 2018 interview with Health.

“I always wanted, and I dream about having a life partner, but I am completely happy, and I love my freedom,” Lathan explained. “I do date, but I do not want anything less than something that’s amazing. And if it’s not gonna be that, I’m just gonna keep being my free-spirit self.”

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