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Chris Brown Drags Cardi B Into His Fight With Offset

Offset intensified his very quickly escalating beef with Chris Brown by asking for his address.

Their beef started after the R&B singer posted a meme on Monday (Feb.4) that poked fun at 21 Savage being arrested by ICE on Super Bowl Sunday. It was discovered that Savage is actually from the United Kingdom, and he’s been accused of overstaying his visa.

Offset asked for Chris Brown's address to settle their beef.


It was clear that Offset didn’t care for the meme, and he called Brown “lame” in response. The singer then issued the Migos rhymer a fight challenge, who then called Brown a “coke head.”

That led to Offset going on Instagram Stories and threatening the “Loyal” crooner. Plus, he brought up Brown’s past of domestic abuse when the singer was charged with felony assault for hitting Rihanna in 2009.

“I ain’t really have to much rap for you on this social media sh– but since that’s where you wanna take it tell the people why you had your management reach out to squash sh–,” wrote Offset on Thursday (Feb. 7). “Check my record and check yours. Only people you go toe to toe with is women thats for lame nikkas. Oh and btw Ima smak the sh– out you when I see you.”

From that point, the war of words went from social media to direct messages between the two artists, which Brown released later that day.

“Wya,” Offset asked Brown, short for where you at?”

“I’m in LA,” the singer let him know. “I’ll be home at 4. Like I said before I’m wit all a dat. YOU CAN RUN ME MY FADE TODAY!!! NO CAP!”

But Offset noticed there was no address mentioned in Chris’ response, so he asked again.

“Addy” he wrote.

“P—y n—a u know where I stay,” Brown answered. “GOOGLE MAPS!! My address ain’t no secret spot. I’ll be [there] at 4.”

Offset then wrote the word “Police” but didn’t explain what he meant.

Brown promised to send Offset’s estranged wife Cardi B flowers to show his respect to her and not offset.

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Besides the exchange on social media and direct message, Brown has been using photos to get at the Migos member. Like on Wednesday he posted a split image of him and Pootie Tang, a fictional character that started on “The Chris Rock Show,” and later became a movie

He also compared the rapper to the animated character Slickback on the show “Boondocks,” which got a major response.

Some seem entertained by the beef but others said both men should be bigger.

Offset & Chris Brown should just chill,” someone wrote. “Its time for our brothers, uncle, cousin, fathers and nephew tats Black to get along. Love is really needed here for sure.”

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