Man In LAPD Shirt Chanting ‘White Power’ at Black Lives Matter Rally Is Not Member of Department, Officials Claim

A viral video of a man wearing a Los Angeles Police Department shirt and saying “white power” has spurred controversy. But those within the LAPD say despite his apparel, he is not part of the force.

On Jan. 31, the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter tweeted a video of a man at a rally outside a local gym. Back in October, 30-year-old Albert Ramon Dorsey was shot and killed by an LAPD cop in the gym’s locker room.

As the man in the video stands in front of protesters at a Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness gym wearing a shirt that has LAPD insignia on the sleeves, he repeatedly says “white power” and gestures with his hands.

“What’s your badge number?” ask people off camera who are affiliated with BLM.

The accompanying tweet claimed the man was part of the force saying, “LAPD OFFICER REPEATEDLY YELLS ‘WHITE POWER’ & THROWS UP WHITE POWER SIGN as he antagonizes the family of #AlbertRamonDorsey and #BlackLivesMatter protestors this morning at #Boycott24 demonstration outside 24-Hour Fitness in Hollywood. @WP4BL @shaunking @Jasmyne @CBSNews.”

By Feb. 1, the LAPD announced the man is not nor ever has been part of the department, and when officers from the department’s Hollywood division tried to make contact with the man he took off on foot.

It said an investigation into the incident and use of the trademarked emblem will be launched.

“We have identified the individual in question related to a video involving the use of racially insensitive remarks,” LAPD said in a statement, without naming the man who appears to be of Asian descent. “As first suggested by some, this individual is not, and has never been, an LAPD officer or employee.

“The apparel worn by the individual, specifically the T-shirt with LAPD insignia, is not Department issued and is accessible to the public,” the department continued. “We will be working with our Entertainment Trademark Unit to ensure violations of our trademark on apparel are addressed.”

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti also affirmed the statement tweeting, “The person shown in a video that has circulated online is not affiliated with @LAPDHQ in any way. Racism has no place in our city.”

Since these updates, BLM L.A. has not issued a correction to their previous claim that the man is part of the LAPD.

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