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Reagan Gomez Implies Melyssa Ford Was ‘Jealous’ of Former Video Vixen ‘Buffie the Body’

Reagan Gomez, who acted on the hit ’90s show “The Parent ‘Hood,” disclosed some behind-the-scenes tea about an old photo shoot from King Magazine that recently went viral.

An image of Gomez, rapper Trina, singer Mya and former video vixens Buffie Carruth, aka ‘Buffie the Body,’ and Melyssa Ford posing for King Magazine’s fifth edition anniversary in 2007, resurfaced online sometime this week.

Gomez reposted the photo of herself and the other women on Twitter and wrote, “Listen… I’m not tryna brag but … I been ouchea.”

Reagan Gomez

reagangomez Twitter

However, a fan noticed that Carruth was placed in the far back of the photo compared to the other four women who were front and center.

“Who is in the back?” the person asked.

Gomez explained that Carruth was made to pose in the back because one of the ladies seemingly refused to shoot with her.

“Buffy was so sweet and somebody there was stank af & jealous of her shine, ” Gomez tweeted on Friday, Jan. 25. “But you didn’t hear that from me. She should’ve been out and center.”

reagangomez Twitter

Fans asked the 38-year-old mother if Trina or Mya was the person who tried to dim Carruth’s “shine” and she replied, “Nah.”

reagangomez Twitter

When a fan noticed that Ford looked seemingly “unenthused” in the photo shoot with the other women, Gomez replied with an upside down smiley face.

In 2006, Ford and Carruth allegedly got into a physical altercation during a XXL shoot in Los Angeles, California. Ford allegedly stormed off of the set after the incident. Neither party commented on the incident afterward.

Both Carruth and Ford starred in BET’s “Vixen” documentary that premiered in July 2018. The two women, along with Karrine Seffans and Gloria Velez, discussed the harassment and misogyny they endured in the entertainment industry as video vixens. The women said they were “treated like disposable sex objects.”

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