Erica Mena Hits Back at Ex Cliff Dixon for Accusing Her and Safaree of ‘Stealing’ His Possessions, Drags Kevin Durant’s Name Into the Mix

Love and Hip Hop” actress Erica Mena set the record straight on social media yesterday after her ex-boyfriend blasted her and her fiancé Safaree Samuels for misappropriating his “TVs and rims.”

Erica Mena

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Former basketball player Cliff Dixon went on a ferocious tirade on Wednesday, Jan. 30, after claiming that Mena and Samuels refused to give back his items that were left at the model’s house last year when they called it quits.

“Since you’ve got the police involved I tried to do s–t the right way & come pick up my TVs & rims & you say they ain’t there,” Dixon wrote. “How ya’ll sposed to have so much money but yall stealing from me.”

Dixon wrote in his post that he just wanted his “s–t back.”

Samuels did not respond to Dixon’s allegations, but Mena eventually hit back at her ex with a few words of her own. A few hours later, the 30-year-old mother took to her Instagram Story and addressed her ex’s thievery claims once and for all.

Erica Mena

Erica Mena’s Instagram Story

“This is the only time I’m going to address this cry wolf story,” Mena wrote. “This individual is known for stealing from others and now wants to play victim. He refused to get his things out of my home. My charity in this case was to pay the expenses myself and get them removed.”

Mena shared a few more posts to her Instagram explaining that she paid $1,500 of her personal money to store Dixon’s “nicely and properly packed” TVs. She added that the storage unit expenses were solely paid by her for the first month and indicated that Dixon had an option of obtaining his items.

Erica Mena’s Instagram Story

She continued by saying that she didn’t want to “keep anything” from an “individual arrested for domestic violence” and accused Dixon of stealing from his longtime friend Kevin Durant.

“Ironically this person is first before anything known for stealing a large amount of money from NBA Golden State Warriors guard Kevin Durant and now wants to play the victim of thief.”

Mena ended her rant on Dixon by “wishing him all the best”, while condemning him for “Crying Wolf.”

Erica Mena’s Insta Story

Fans seemingly sided with Mena and offered their opinions.

“He better leave my good sis alone,” one fan wrote. “Thank god for growth AND receipts🤷🏽‍ .”

Another added, “She handled that situation VERY maturely 👏🏾. And paid the storage and moving fees…… He upset that SHE isn’t.”

Mena and Dixon broke up in October 2018 after the two got into an alleged domestic dispute. Both individuals were taken to jail, Mena for marijuana possession and Dixon for criminal trespass.

The couple dated for more than 10 months before calling it quits. She was spotted in New York on a date with Samuels almost a month later.

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