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Angela Simmons Denounces ‘Negativity,’ Says Winning Is a Matter of Attitude in Recent Video

Growing Up Hip Hop” actress Angela Simmons received a wide array of praise for sharing an uplifting message to fans on Thursday.

Simmons posted a video to her Instagram page Jan. 24 of herself talking about “keeping complaining to a minimum.” She indicated that it was important to turn a negative situation into a positive one and put “you energy into winning.”

“I’m no expert. But I know one thing is for sure … complaining only breeds for more complaining. And brings negative energy,” Simmons wrote in her Instagram caption. “Where we put our energy is the energy we carry around all day … Being at peace comes from being content with where you are as a starting point.”

Angela Simmons

photo credit @angelasimmons

The 31-year-old continued by saying that negativity and complaining only “causes anxiety” and urged fans to move into a positive direction.

“Move forward with the actions you are making today,” she said. “Start somewhere ! However I have news for you .. it’s starts with YOU. No one is going to care for you like YOU! Now get to it ♥️ @pressuremakesdiamonds_pmd #BNB.”

People took heed to Simmons’ inspiring post and commended her for speaking “big facts.”

“I was having a really shitty day until I came across this,” a fan wrote. ” You are absolutely right big facts 🙏🏽.”

Another person added, “Facts staying positive all 2019 God got us anyway so why worry 🙌🏽.”

A third added, “Girl preachhhh🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 …Negative energy stay far far away.”

Simmons, who was born into privilege as the daughter of Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons of Run DMC fame, has known the advantage of relative affluence and extensive entertainment business connections her entire life. She got a jump-start toward building her seven-figure net worth in 2005, when she began appearing in the reality TV series “Run’s House” as a teenager.

Now known for, among other things, advocating for positivity, Simmons created the “BNB” program in 2018. It stands for “Built Not Brought” which helps women achieve the mindset that they desire. She emphasizes that it begins with “mental preparation of knowing you WILL reach your goal only through hard work, determination, and perseverance.”

In a separate post referring to her “BNB” program Simmons indicated that in order achieve success in the future, fans have to have confidence.

“Self confidence starts now,” she wrote. “Not when you get where you want to be. But loving where you are today … and growing . Love yourself !! Today !”

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