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Lil Mama Defends Her Right To Wear Yeezys After Someone Tells Her That ‘Kanye West Is Cancelled’

Lil Mama didn’t like someone criticizing her or Kanye West, and she quickly shut that person down.

A video recently surfaced of the “Lip Gloss” rapper showing off her outfit, which included a white fur coat, a green sweatsuit and West’s Yeezy sneakers.

Lil Mama defended herself after someone criticized her for wearing Yeezys.


“Got the Yeezys? Do you got the fox? Do you got the drip?” said Lil Mama as she gripped her necklace.

A lot of folks admired what Lil Mama wore except for the Yeezys, since the Chicago producer has been ultra-supportive of Donald Trump, donned a MAGA on several occasions and made headlines when he said slavery was a choice.

“Kanye is cancelled, sis,” he or she wrote. “But you look cute.”

Mama then made the point that some people who’ve boycotted West still give their money to other companies when they’ve been called racist.

“But then the same self-righteous Blacks go out and buy from all types of racist, high-end label/brands, eat at their restaurants and pay rent to live in their residential establishments,” she wrote. “So I wear what I want. I’ll deal with Ye when I seen him. He needs a hug.”

For years now, since she jumped onstage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance at the 2009 MTV Awards, Lil Mama hasn’t had the easiest time on social media and has often been clowned. But people really liked what she had to say about West and gave her a lot of praise.

“Facts,” someone wrote. “Y’all will support racist white owned companies. Keep that same energy or shut up.”.

“So we’re supposed to turn our backs on all Black men?” one person asked. “There’s a new target every week. No one is safe if you’re Black.”

But there were also those who refused to side with the “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star and said they’re not going to support West regardless of she says.

“She made some points but that doesn’t mean we have to support him,” someone wrote. “There are non racist and non self hating individuals whose businesses we can support.”

You can see the clip of Lil Mama below.


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