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Birdman’s Financial Problems Come to Light Following Split from Toni Braxton

Birdman has beef. But it’s not with another rapper or even anyone from the hip-hop community, he’s duking it out with creditors.

According to reports, the company Multimedia Innovations filed a lien against Birdman after claiming they’ve never been paid for work done on his Miami mansion, which is now foreclosed. The company said they turned the house into a smart home so everything could be controlled be a tablet, put in lighting installations, A/V installation and completed other work.

Birdman is accused of not paying for work done on his mansion, and he's now being pursued by creditors.


The total bill for the job came up to $61,679.36, and Birdman paid a portion but not the rest. He still owes $20,000 more in payments.

Seemingly, the mansion has been a huge headache for the rap mogul ever since he purchased it for $14.5 million in 2012. Because three years after that, the private lender group Chemtov Mortgage Group, who loaned Birdman $12 million for the house, sued him after he stopped making payments.

The 49-year-old put the house up for sale for $20 million in 2017 but dropped the price to $15.5 million after it sat on the market for a year. The home has 40 bedrooms, a movie theater, two wine cellars, a volleyball court and a private beach.

News of Birdman dealing with creditors comes on the heels of his ex-fiancée Toni Braxton having financial issues of her own. After the pair broke up earlier this month, it was reported that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) filed a tax lien against the R&B star for $340,525.99.

On top of that, the state of California hit her with a tax lien for $116,154.65, and with both debts she’s in the hole for $454,407.63.

After that news came out, some fans said Toni should’ve stayed with Birdman until her financial situation improved but considering he’s dealing with his own money problems, that obviously turned out to be bad advice.

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