Former NFL Cornerback’s Coverage Is Excellent as He Intercepts Alleged Peeping Tom Outside His Teen Daughter’s Window

A Florida man who was allegedly masturbating in front of a girl’s bedroom window was caught and beaten up by her father, a former NFL Player.

A former NFL player beat up a man he caught masturbating near his daughter's bedroom window.


The suspect, Geoffrey Cassidy, appeared in his mugshot with a cut lip and black eye, all compliments of Tony Beckham — who played cornerback in the league for five years. Beckham told local TV station WPBF that he had just left his house at 6:40 a.m. on Monday when he saw Cassidy crouched in some bushes near his daughter’s window with hands in his pants. The 15-year-old had just gotten out of the shower at the time.

When the suspect saw the ex-NFL player, he took off and Beckham gave chase. From there, Beckham caught him and decided to issue some street justice before police arrived. The father said he was shocked when he saw the man.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was like ‘Is this for real?’ I thought I was getting ‘Punk’d,'” he told WPBF. “I caught him at the apartment over there, and we just had a good conversation.”

Cassidy tried to run away again once a deputy came to the scene but was placed under arrest after he fell down. He later received medical treatment for facial and eye fractures, then was taken to the West Detention Center on a $1,500 bond.

But according to the suspect, his car broke down and that’s why he was in the West Palm Beach neighborhood. He also denied looking in the girl’s window.

During his career, Beckham played for the Tennessee Titans and the Detroit Lions and many are calling him a hero for catching Cassidy.

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