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‘Chappelle Show’ Co-Creator Claims an R. Kelly Entourage Once Confronted Chappelle Over Skit That Mocked Kelly

It’s hard to figure out which is the most memorable sketch from Dave Chappelle‘s now defunct “Chappelle Show.” It could be the bit about Rick James hanging out with Eddie and Charlie Murphy or maybe it’s the one about R. Kelly.

After the R&B singer was booked on child pornography charges on charges of creating a sexually explicit video that included him urinating on a 14-year-old girl, Chappelle performed the song “Piss On You,” which angered the singer, according to the show’s co-creator Neal Brennan.

R. Kelly's goons wanted to fight Dave Chappelle over the song "Piss On You" from "The Chappelle Show."


“R. Kelly wanted to fight Dave,” said Brennan on “The Breakfast Club.” “His goons stepped to Dave in Chicago, and Dave’s goons intervened. The goons negotiated.”

In 2016, a GQ reporter asked Kelly about the famous sketch and what he thought about it years later. The singer claimed that he didn’t know who Chappelle was and had no idea what the reporter was talking about. Dave also discussed the bit in 2017 and said it was nearly scrapped.

“That was the one sketch … I was going to cut it but then I watched it, and I said ‘This is so funny’ and this is the crisis,” he said on Hot 97. “Can the audience handle it? So we left it in there.”

But even though Dave spoke about Kelly at that particular time, he didn’t want to do so for  “Surviving R. Kelly,” the documentary series that covered the many sexual assault allegations against the singer. At least that what the director Dream Hampton said, just because the subject matter is too messy. She claimed others like Questlove and Jay-Z didn’t want to be in the doc for the same reason.

Dave has responded to that claim yet. You can see Brennan’s interview below.

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