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Soulja Boy Angrily Denies Being on Drugs After Fans Question His Appearance

Soulja Boy responded to a rumor that he’s on drugs.

The rapper felt compelled to do so after people on social media referenced his appearance in a video he posted after his car accident. The rapper took to his IG Live on Jan 7 to inform fans about his near death experience with the California mudslides. Fans thought rapper looked differantly and accused him of doing drugs.

Soulja Boy denied being on drugs.

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Afterward, Soulja just didn’t deny the allegation, he did it angrily and seemed totally offended. Plus, the 28-year-old claimed that his face was damaged by the car accident that happened on Sunday, Jan. 6.

“I want to say for everybody that’s saying ‘Oh, Soulja Boy look like he on drugs. Soulja Boy look bad, like he on crack, he on powder.’ Bitch, don’t play with me like that. I ain’t never did crack in my life,” he said. “Bitch, I’m a millionaire. I’m worth motherf—ing $30 million. I never did cocaine in my life. Don’t play with me like that.”

Soulja then talked about the accident and said he hit his face on the dashboard, which he’ll now need surgery for. The rapper also blasted people for making fun of his appearance and doubled down on his denial of drug use.

Besides his face, part of the theory that Soulja is on drugs may stem from a video filmed in 2010 by rap socialite Kat Stacks, who said he had a cocaine problem. It’s something she claimed while filming herself in a hotel bathroom while Soulja was supposedly in the shower.

Stacks also walked to a table in one part of the clip and showed three white lines of powder and said they belonged to Soulja. He’s not in the video, however, and he later shot down her claims.

As far as his most recent denial, some people didn’t believe the rapper and found it strange he got so upset.

“Seems like a crackhead reaction to me,” someone wrote.

“This man said he never did cocaine, but Kat Stacks exposed him while he was sleep,” another commented.”



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