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Nick Cannon Calls Out Jay-Z and a Young Foxy Brown, Says Rappers Who Throw at R. Kelly Live in ‘Glass Houses’

Nick Cannon had Damon Dash on his YouTube show “Cannon Class” and talked about a variety of topics, including R. Kelly, who used to be married to Dame’s ex Aaliyah. Cannon also asked about the rapper Foxy Brown and at what age she received her record deal.

Dame didn’t want to answer and said it was a question for Jay-Z, her former mentor, but it seemed that Cannon was insinuating that Jigga Man was involved with Foxy when she was just a teenager.

Nick Cannon suggested that Jay-Z dated Foxy Brown when she was 16 years old.


“I wasn’t paying attention to Foxy Brown,” said Dame.

He then told Cannon to be direct and ask the question he really wanted.

“I thought Foxy was like 16,” said the “Drumline” star. “All I’m saying in this industry when we’re living in glass houses … When I was first introduced to who Foxy was, I thought there was something between Foxy and Jay.”

Damon didn’t confirm or deny any involvement between the rap legend and Foxy, he just told Cannon to ask Jay that very same question.

Elsewhere in the interview, Dame said that he had nothing to do with R. Kelly, either personally or professionally. The R&B singer has been a hot topic of discussion since the “Surviving R. Kelly” docu-series aired last week, and a number of celebrities have weighed in on the many sexual abuse allegations it presented.

In fact, Dame was annoyed at the suggestion that he worked with Kelly on some level, despite the fact that his former business partner Jay-Z collaborated with Kelly on several occasions.

“You never seen me with this dude,” said Dame. “What you talking about? Because he with him I’m with him? You don’t see no picture of me with him. Even down to that “Fiesta” that everybody talking about. I wasn’t in no scene with homey. I’m like, I’m not getting in no scenes with homey. … Don’t ever put that sh– on me. I find it offensive. You f—ing with my character like that.”

Neither Jay or Foxy has responded to the interview yet, which can be seen below.

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