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‘Everybody Stop!’: Whoopi Goldberg Forced to Establish Peace After Meghan McCain Spazzes on Hosts and Audience Over Government Shutdown

The View’s Meghan McCain launched into an incoherent rant Thursday as she tried arguing Democrats are as much to blame as President Donald Trump for the ongoing government shutdown.

The shutdown, which entered day 21 as of Friday, is sparked by Trump’s outrage over the Democrats’ refusal to provide $5.7 billion in funding for a border wall. Last week, the president threatened to let the partial shutdown drag on for months — or even years — and recently stormed out of negotiations with congressional Democratic leaders over the issue.

Meghan McCain

Host Meghan McCain, shouting over her co-hosts at one point, argued that the government shutdown isn’t all Trump’s fault. (The View / video screenshot)

“I do think we’ll reach a fever pitch at some point,” McCain began. “This makes everyone collectively look bad. If there’s one thing we can agree on, this is a bunch of bull. I’m over it and I think everyone else is over it. Our leaders, both sides — no more walking out, no more posturing for the cameras.”

Co-host Joy Behar chimed in, asking why Trump simply can’t reopen the government while they continue to negotiate.

“Why can’t they do that? It would bring everybody back to work. What’s wrong with that?,” Behar argued, adding the shutdown was not bipartisan and that Trump is solely to blame. The assertion didn’t sit well with McCain, however.

“You know what’s not productive? Saying that it’s all Trump’s fault,” she yelled, banging her hand against the table. “Because then you want to know what happens? Then I’ll go, ‘all right, let me give you a list of what Nancy and Chuck haven’t done, what the Democrats are doing.’”

McCain continued: “I’m trying to find a place where we can all come together to get our government working, because everyone is losing on this! I don’t want posture politics. I don’t want to be like the crappy politicians on this show today. I don’t want to do that. I want us to come together.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin tried switching topics but McCain was incessant, shouting over her at one point. The conservative co-host, who admitted she was “neurotic and paranoid” over the shutdown, also appeared to yell at someone in the audience.

“OK, everyone stop for one second!” said co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who had clearly had enough. “Everybody take a breath …”

Goldberg wasn’t the only one fed up with McCain’s antics. Viewers took to social media to complain about the co-host’s latest on-air fit.

“For the love of this show tell #MeganMcCain to calm down! Let someone else talk!” one Twitter user wrote. “I just can’t anymore and she makes this show unwatchable and I’ve watched since day 1!!”

“Does @MeghanMcCain realize she screeches when her voice gets louder?,” wrote another. “It’s extremely unlikeable and she ruins any point she is trying to make!”

One user called McCain a “brat” and said producers should just rename the show “Megan McCain Melts Down.”

“Why on earth do the producers let her hijack the conversation and make it all about @MeghanMcCain?,” they continued. “She is so RUDE. Ugh. & so SHRILL and Disrespectful. Jesus make it Stop.

Watch more in the clip below.

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