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Dionne Warwick Isn’t Allowed To Pursue Her $7 Million Case Against the IRS Due To Government Shutdown

Dionne Warwick is probably eager to settle her case against the Internal Revenue Service, but she’s unable to because of the current government shutdown.

The legendary singer has been dealing with the case for six years now, and on March 6 2018 it finally got underway but is now suspended.

Dionne Warwick's lawsuit against the IRS has been suspended because of the government shutdown.


Warwick filed for bankruptcy in 2013 since she had a near $11 million debt but only $25,500 to her name.

It turns out, that $6,964,466.87 of that debt was tax related, so the 78-year-old sued the IRS and asked the court to remove the huge amount,which was wracked up between 1990-2008. The singer also asked the courts to stop the IRS from seizing her assets.

According to the Blast, much of Warwick’s debt was actually removed when she filed for bankruptcy in 2013, but the IRS is trying to stop the courts from expunging the tax liability.

The main reason the case was suspended is because the federal government isn’t receiving money from Congress during the shutdown, so everything stopped at the United States Attorney Office for the District of New Jersey and the Department of Justice.

At this point, the government has been shut down for two weeks since Donald Trump and the Democrats have reached a stalemate on Trump’s border wall.

In fact, the president said if progress isn’t made in the talks and the wall doesn’t get funding, he’d keep nine U.S. departments closed for “a very long period of time, months, even years.”

From here, there’s no telling when Warwick’s case against the IRS will get continue.

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