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D.L. Hughley Praised After Paying Homage to Black Women with ‘Natural’ Bodies

Even without any firm data or statistics, it seems like more women are getting body enhancements through cosmetic surgery, compared with past decades.

Some might say that female celebrities have made going under the knife fashionable, while others might believe it’s a response to societal pressure for women to look a certain way.

D.L. Hughley addressed the topic Wednesday on Instagram by celebrating Black women with natural bodies.

“Shout out all the BLACK women who didn’t have to pay for surgery to look like a BLACK woman,” he messaged.

D.L. captioned his post, too.

“We love you just the way you are,” he wrote. “Where my brothas at that love a #natural woman?”

Afterward, a lot of men agreed with the comedian and thanked him for his post. There were also plenty of women who said they appreciated the message because they don’t get enough credit for being natural.

“Thanks, bro,” one woman wrote. “We deserve that shout out.”

But there was another woman who blasted the 55-year-old, as well as those who agreed with him, and said no one should be criticized for getting body enhancements.

This is some straight bullsh–,” someone wrote. β€œYou paying homage and taking shots at the same time. I’m so disappointed in my people. Black women are harassed daily for not being thick enough and when she gets surgery, the same men criticize her, yet many of these men either desire or have been with a woman with enhancements.”

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