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Cardi B Comes to Defense of Publicist Who Threatened a Woman In Australia

Cardi B Defends Publicist Who Threatened Woman that Insulted Rapper in Australian Airport

Cardi B landed in Sidney, Australia, on Saturday, and there was an incident as soon as she got off the plane.

While the rapper walked through the airport o, she was hounded by paparazzi but didn’t want to be photographed or engaged in any way. In fact, Cardi had her head covered the whole time, which angered one of the locals.

“You’re in Australia. It’s our rules not yours, mate,” one of them said, as Cardi’s security  backed them away.

Then out of nowhere, a woman insulted the Bronx native, and that’s when her publicist, Patientce Foster, issued a threat.

“Bitch, I’ll smack the shit out of you,” she yelled. “Don’t ever come out your mouth about her mutherfuckin’ husband. Watch your mouth.”

The woman seemed to get the message crystal-clear, and Cardi continued on her way.

Afterward, she addressed the situation and defended Foster when some said the publicist acted inappropriately. Cardi also responded to those who told her to be more professional when she’s out in public and handle fame better.

Let me tell you something about my publicist. ‘Oh, she’s ghetto, she this.’ My publicist is for me. My publicist is a publicist that does things my way and fits my personality,” Cardi explained on Instagram Live on Sunday.

“And another thing, stop telling me how I need to act like another celebrity,” she added. “Bro’, that’s not me. Sometimes, I don’t even feel like a celebrity because the standards and the way you expect these celebrities to act, that is not me … I don’t talk like that, I don’t sound like that, I’m just getting my coins.”

You can see some of Cardi’s response below and the incident at the airport above.

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