Kanye West Draws Concern After Revealing He’s Drug Free


Kanye West shared an end-of-the-year message about where his mind is and what’s coming up for him in the future.

The 41-year-old also revealed that he’s no longer taking drugs, which actually concerned his fans — mainly because they assumed he was talking about prescription medication and not street drugs.

“We’re super happy,” Kanye tweeted. “2018 was beautiful. I got to be myself and nobody had to let me. I’m drug free and my spirit is connected. No weapon against us shall prosper. We feel so much love, so much good energy, so much good will.”

Kanye West announces that he's drug-free and his fans are worried.

“I feel stronger than ever,” he added. “New designs, new music, new ideas, renewed spirit. We changing everything. Everyday the vision is crystal … Everything happens for a reason. We feel the love … Even the haters are fans too.”

The concerned tweets came right after, because many thought if Ye didn’t remain on his meds, there’d be trouble.

I’mma keep it real, bro. You should probably stay on your prescriptions,” one person wrote.

“I believe you’re doing more harm than good,” wrote another. “You can run from meds but you can’t run from the insanity. Meds help a lot of people, like me. You should be very clear that people dealing with a mental illness have choices. And one choice is staying on meds. That’s how we survive.”

Another person believed the Chicago producer was using the drug-free announcement to prepare folks for some ill behavior.

“Looks like an excuse for his upcoming actions,” wrote that follower. 

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