Kandi Burruss’ Step Daughter Never Gets Shine? Fan Applauds Todd Tucker for Posting Vacay Photo with Daughter Kaela

Kandi Burruss just got slapped with some shade and she probably has no clue.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and husband Todd Tucker ditched the cool weather in Georgia this week to spend Christmas in Jamaica and they took their kids along with them for a family vacation.

The pair has been sharing photos with their children on their respective Instagram accounts and one commenter praised Tucker’s bonding with his daughter, Kaela Tucker while dissing Burruss in the process.

“It’s nice to see your daughter in the spot light, seem like it’s all about kandi and her family,” @putapraiseonit560 said.

kandi burruss

The remark was met with some criticism.

“@putapraiseonit560 stop stirring and get a life just be happy for people.”

“@putapraiseonit560 Shut up. They do share a son together. Married. His daughter is a young adult and works. Just because you don’t see her do not mean she isn’t around or included!”

“@putapraiseonit560 did it occur to you, she may not want to be in the spotlight unless she wants too?”

But at least one person agreed with the user.

“@putapraiseonit560 yes that’s what it looks like.”

As for the root of the remark, Burruss’ daughter, Riley Burruss, has gotten lots of shine this past year, particularly when she went public with her weight loss in June.

By August, Riley got lots of attention when her mom gifted her with a luxury SUV for her 16th birthday. Then, fans accused Burruss of playing favorites between Riley and Kaela when the singer posted photos of the girls on her Instagram page in September.

“Why choose a professional pic for ur daughter but not ur step daughter. Smh”

“How come Todd’s daughter never gets the same glam squad services?”

“BIG FACTS! I mean Todd’s daughter is not the most attractive but Kandi could have found a better picture than the ones she posted.”

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