Nene Leakes Can’t Resist Taking Opportunity to Show Her Distaste for Former ‘RHOA’ Star Kenya Moore


Nene Leakes recently implied that she doesn’t miss anything about Kenya Moore not being on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The fans have mixed opinions about Leakes’ attitude.

Leakes appeared in the Dec. 23 episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” and was asked about Kenya Moore. The current housewife was asked what she missed most about her former cast-mate Moore. She re-asked the question to herself and pretended to think of an answer before giving a shady response. “What do I miss … I really got to dig deep.” She continued, “What do I miss most? I forgot.”

The “RHOA” fan page shared the video to Instagram on Tuesday. The fans had a mixed reaction to Leakes’ response.

“Nene funny… she don’t have anyone to challenge her now Kenya gone. Everyone else playin it safe🙄”

“This just proves Nene never really liked Kenya🤣smh”

“That is so hilarious to me. She is starting to remind me of Wendy Williams. But I love Nene, just mad at how she is acting lately”

“Idk why they even asked this question, nene has made it no secret how she feels about Kenya & vise versa. They’ve never liked each other, periodt! They just had a brief mutual alliance with their dislike for Kim. Idk why ppl want them to be friends so bad.”

“That girl hasn’t done shit to you @neneleakes Kenya is GOOD TV!!!!”

“Nene can respond any way she feel like, Kenya throw shade all the time. She didn’t say anything nasty.”

Although Leakes obviously doesn’t miss Moore, many of the fans have made it clear that they do. Some even go so far as to say that the cast and the show is boring without her. “The show is boring without you…, “one fan said. “Be the sunshine in RHOA’s day. They need you bad sis,” another one said.


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