Terrell Owens Gets Clowned For Barely There Christmas Pic: ‘Put Some Clothes On, Bruh’

When a person posts a thirst trap photo of themselves, they really don’t know how it’ll go. On one hand, it could be a success, get a lot of positive comments and go viral for all the right reasons.

But on the other, a photo like that could be a major fail and go viral for all the wrong reasons,” which Terrell Owens experienced.

Terrell Owens gets clowned for posting Christmas thirst trap photo.


On Monday, the former NFL star posted a photo of himself standing shirtless in front of a Christmas tree with tiny green boxers on. He also has a red ribbon tied around the boxers and in the caption wrote, “Do not open package ’til Christmas.”

There’s another shot of Owens taken from the back, where he’s decorating the tree and putting a photo of himself at the top instead of a star.

“Too late for that,” one person wrote, which seems to imply that Owens at 45 is too old to post such photos.

“Put some clothes on, bruh,” wrote another.

“I’m still a fan always will be,” a third person commented. “You’re so accomplished. You don’t need to seek attention. You’ve already done so much to be respected for. That’s all.”

There were others who said they were thinking of canceling Owens altogether.

“If you wasn’t one of my favorite wide receivers of all time I’d block you for this,” one person lashed out.

“Not the first pic I needed to wake up to on IG. Ya boy gotta chill,” another chimed in.

But there were a bunch of women who came to T.O.’s defense and blasted the people who criticized him.

“Sorry you were offended, but he has thousands of female fans too. “This was for them,” one woman commented.

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