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Racist White North Dakota Woman Identified as Mickey Tronson, Reportedly Escorted Off Island by Police 

The drunken woman caught on video unleashing foul-mouthed rant about her hate for n—–s while vacationing in the U.S. Virgin Islands has been identified as North Dakota resident Mickey Tronson, according to the Daily Mail.

Tronson, who earned herself the nickname “Virgin Island Vicky,” was caught going on a racist diatribe last week as she shared her love for contested President Donald Trump while repeatedly referring to Black people as the N-word.

Mickey Tronson

Mickey Tronson, aka “Virgin Island Vicky,” reportedly was escorted off the island by police after her racist diatribe. (Twitter video screenshot / @tariqnasheed)

The clip was shared last Friday by anti-racism activist Tariq Nasheed and has been viewed over 760,000 times. According to, the original three-part video was recorded by Djama Esprit, a USVI cyber-security, forensics, counter-terrorism, and criminal justice expert who witnessed the Dec.13 incident on the island of St. Thomas.

“I don’t like n—–,” Tronson says. “President Trump, whooooh. Obama, f— you, you motherf—ing n—-. Are you recording it? Put it on Facebook. F— these motherf—— n—— … I hate them.”

The video then cuts to the vacationer sitting on a boat she continues her obnoxious outburst. Meanwhile, a man in the background is heard trying to quiet her down.

“You’re recording it?,” Tronson says after realizing she’s being filmed. “Put it all over Facebook. F–k these motherf—–g n—-s. I hate them. I hate n—-s. Hate them with a passion.’

At the time, Tronson’s identity was unknown, prompting Nasheed to solicit the help of social media sleuths to help identify the racist woman so she may be held accountable for her actions.

“Good morning folks. Meet ‘Vicky’… Vicky is a Trump supporting white supremacist …,” he captioned the Twitter post. “Vicky went on vacation The US Virgin Islands — which is full of Black people — to express how much she hates ‘[N-words] with a passion’. Anyone here recognizes ‘Vicky’ from their community?”

Edwin Lewis, a local resident, commented under the video that he ‘seriously thought about pushing [Tronson] in the water,” adding that her behavior was “worse on the beach.” The local business owner later shared that police had escorted the unruly woman off the island. USVI or St. Thomas police have not confirmed contact with Tronson, however.

Lewis also posted a photo of the man who was with Tronson at the time named Troy Strube, according to his Facebook page. The still active account showed photos of Tronson and Strube, who’s listed as a retired employee of Delta Air Lines.

“That’s her dude,” Lewis added. “He has no idea how close he was to getting f—–d up.”

Meanwhile, Tronson’s Facebook page has since been deleted.

Watch more in the video below.

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