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Richard Williams, Father to Serena and Venus Williams, Says 38-Year-Old Ex-Wife Forged His Name After He Had a Stroke

Serena and Venus Willams‘ father, Richard Williams, accused his ex-wife of taking advantage of his ailing medical condition and forging his name.

Richard Williams, 76, and his ex-wife Lakeisha Williams, 38, divorced in 2017 after seven years of marriage, and since then Richard has suffered multiple strokes and is now barely able to speak. After that, he said Lakeisha forged his signature and transferred their Palm Beach, Fla., home into her name. He also alleges that she took out a $152,000 mortgage with the phony signature.

Richard Williams says his ex-wife forged his name after he had a series of strokes


To back up his claims, Richard’s attorneys showed examples of his signature from 2002 and compared it to the one he claims Lakeisha forged in 2017.

Additionally, his attorneys say even if the 76-year-old did sign the document, his “mental capacity was compromised” due to the stroke, and he had no idea what he was signing.

This is the third time that Richard has filed court documents against Lakeisha since their split. According to The Telegraph, he sued her in June of 2017 and accused her of stealing his Social Security checks. He also claimed she was stalking him and filed a protective order.

So far, the 38-year-old mother has responded through her attorneys and claimed that Richard kicked her out of their Palm Springs home.

The house was reportedly owned by Serena, and Lakeisha said she received a letter from the tennis star’s legal team “requesting she and [her] child vacate the home and threatened to change the locks.”

Lakeisha and Richard have a six-year-old son together named Dylan. At this time, none of the parties involved have spoken out directly.

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