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Busta Rhymes Praised For His Response After Fan Calls His Diamonds ‘Fake’

Busta Rhymes might be just as clever with his comebacks as he is his verses.

Someone recently came for the former Leader of the New School member on social media after he posted a photo of himself sporting some diamond chains.

On Friday, Busta wrote under the photo showing him with several diamond necklaces around his neck, “Funny how n—- said ‘Why this n—– Bus got an ashy chin?’ The Dragon’s response? They don’t make lotion to get rid of the reflection of diamonds against melanin skin,” he wrote. “Quiet when the god’s speaking. My ancestors taught me well.”

An Instagram user named @realhardbody took issue with the New York rhymer’s photo calling his jewels, “fake.”

Busta Rhymes (Instagram)

Busta had a message for the “fan” and attributed their insult to a lack of self-esteem.

“It’s such a shame that low self-esteem n—– like you don’t believe that beautiful and very precious gems like these can be truly acquired. Maybe it’s not a part of your ancestral history. Please let me inspire you or stay the f— out my comments with your low ambition bubble gum ass.”

People found Bus’ response not only comical but they called it perfect based on the diss.

“I’m in tears,” someone wrote. “Busta started that off so humble then went beast mode in 2.8 seconds flat.”

“The God in him allowed him to reach deep down and read you in two ways,” wrote another. “The classy way first but just in case you didn’t understand he turned a lil’ ratched at the end. I love it.”

Another wrote, “Perfect response @bustarhymes man I woulda been blind to the dum tho bro… keep shining like the Dragon you been.”

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