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Steve Harvey Has a Field Day with Guest Who Is Sick and Tired of Being Confused for Wanda Sykes

A guest on “Steve” Monday explained to Steve Harvey how exasperated she was with being confused for comedian Wanda Sykes but she didn’t exactly get any relief from the talk show host.

“Almost everywhere I go — especially in the tourist area — people think that I am Wanda Sykes,” the woman explains on the Dec. 17 episode.

Harvey eagerly agreed that she fits the bill as a Sykes doppelganger.

“The problem … that I encounter often is, OK I’ve told you ‘No, I’m not Wanda Sykes,’ but people start taking pictures and they’re being persistent,” the guest continued. “And I’m like, ‘OK, now today I really don’t wanna be bothered, I’m over here minding my business…'”

“Ohhh, see? Welcome to our world, now,” Harvey interjects affecting a mocking smile. “Did you say you don’t want to be bothered today? You say you ain’t feel like taking no pictures today? Oh, that what you said? Aww, boo hoo. Welcome to the fame game! See, you famous now!”

He added that telling others she isn’t Sykes just makes them believe it more.

“‘I know it’s you!'” Harvey says, mimicking an excited fan.

Viewers also remained unconvinced that the woman was not actually the famed actress and comedian.

“Twins!!! Hell I’m not convinced😂😂😂”

“I’m watching her talk and thought she was Wanda, then she said it.”

“What is Wanda doing in…wait, what? That’s NOT Wanda???”

“Her voice tho!😂😂😂😂.”

“She does look and talks like her.”

“The next show that she should go on is Maury bc there’s some DNA testing that needs to be done. or something.”

“Wow @iamsteveharveytv is that @iamwandasykes lol.. She looks just like her steve.”

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