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Young Thug Says Racism Is at the Root of His 2017 Drug Bust

Young Thug is attempting to get his drug case thrown out.

The “Slime Season” rapper was stopped in DeKalb County, Ga., in September 2017 after the 2016 Mercedes-Benz Maybach he was riding in was stopped on suspicion of a window tint violation.

He was then hit with several charges, including possession and intent to distribute meth, marijuana, hydrocodone and two counts of distributing codeine and Xanax. Plus, he was charged with possession of a firearm.

Young Thug said police never read him his Miranda Rights when he was arrested in September


According to court documents filed on Dec. 17, the rapper’s attorneys are claiming the officers never read him his Miranda rights, so anything said after the arrest should be inadmissible in court.

The filing also stated that his vehicle was stopped with absolutely no probable cause and racism was a factor in the stop. In fact, he called the arrest “unlawful.” The documents go on to deny that the rapper intended to sell or distribute drugs, pointing out that no paraphernalia associated with selling was found in the vehicle.

Young Thug has since been arrested again for failing a drug test, so now he has to take weekly tests at an outpatient drug treatment center.

And if that wasn’t enough, he ran afoul of police again in Los Angeles this October after was detained along with several other people at an event he hosted at a Hollywood Dave & Buster’s. Police found a gun after they searched his vehicle and charged him with weapons possession, and that case is still pending.

Thug faces three years in prison for the Georgia arrest.

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