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Ashanti Draws a Huge Reaction After Posting Photos Wearing A Sexy Holiday Dress

Ashanti drew a lot of eyes to a series of photos that she posted of herself in a holiday dress.

She shared three batches of images in all, as well as a short clip that garnered huge likes. In fact, they received over 90,000, 138,000 and 160,000 likes respectively.

Ashanti wows fans by posting new photos of sexy holiday dress.


Each post shows the R&B songbird in a snugly fit black and silver number with a neckline a plunging neckline. The images are mostly full-body shots and there’s a couple of closeups as well.

And as for the clip, it shows Ashanti dancing and acting a little silly, which people seem to like just as much as the dress. The 37-year-old also told fans they should know that her pulled together look involved just a tad bit of suffering.

“When you front like ya feet ain’t killing you,” she wrote.

Along with the incredibly high number of likes the photos received, people also left a ton of kind comments, and many said they’ve been in love with Ashanti for over 15 years.

“Been killing them for a long time now,” one person wrote.

“I realized I’ve been wanting Ashanti for almost 20 years now,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, the “Foolish” singer announced that she’s collaborating with the New York based Miss Circle on her own fashion line and talked about it in a recent interview.

“My motto has always been to stay classy and sassy and sexy, not trashy,” she told Page Six. “I think that I always try to inspire women to be bosses and demand respect. You can still be sexy and swaggy and be the boss.”

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