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Mari ‘Little Miss Flint’ Copeny Takes on Tomi Lahren In Heated Twitter Debate Over Border Wall Funding

Trump apologist Tomi Lahren just got owned by an 11-year-old girl.

On Wednesday, the Fox News commentator proposed spending $5 billion taxpayer dollars to fund President Donald Trump’s coveted border wall — the one he insisted Mexico would foot the bill for. The president has threatened shut down the government should Congress refuse to fund the wall, and Lahren felt the need to insert her two-cents on the matter.

It was a bad idea, however.

“$5 billion spent on a wall will be the BEST $5 billion taxpayers EVER spent!,” she wrote. “Build the wall. Secure the border. America FIRST! I’ll discuss on @foxandfriends in 10 mins!”

The tweet drew immediate outrage and got Lahren fact-checked by a slew of critics, including 11-year-old AmariyannaMari” Copeny, better known as Little Miss Flint.

“$5 billion for water infrastructure upgrades and testing in schools seems like a much better way to spend that much money,” Copeny wrote. “But what do I know .. I’m just a kid from Flint who was forced to learn all things water after the government poisoned us.”

“America first right,” she wrote. “You know Flint is in AMERICA right?”

At just 8 years old, Copeny penned a letter to then-President Barack Obama inviting him to meet with herself and others at a congressional hearing in Washington, D.C. to discuss the water contamination crisis that crippled the city of Flint in 2014. Instead, Obama made the trip to Flint to the assess the issue first-hand.

Since then, the pint-sized activist has spearheaded a movement to ensure her community has clean, drinkable water. In recent years, Copeny has also partnered with nonprofit Pack Your Back and raised over $10,000 to collect and distribute more than 1,000 book bags to local students in need.

Despite her deep knowledge of Flint’s contamination crisis and its consequences, some critics urged the young girl to “stay in her lane” and leave the politics to the adults.

“You’re a kid. [The water crisis] is a state and local government failure,” said one Twitter user. “This (the border wall) is federal and a matter of national security for all Americans. Stay in your lane.”

Copeny replied: “Miss me with the ‘stay in your lane.’ Clean water for all kids should be right up there with national security. I know what bad water does to kids, i see it first hand and I’m trying to prevent it from happening elsewhere.”

Another user tried arguing that a tainted water supply is a matter to be handled by the state, not the government. A fellow user challenged this idea, pointing out that the federal government pays for water testing in schools across the U.S.

“Lead is one of the most dangerous substances for children,” Copeny chimed in. “The fact so many school have high lead levels is immediately putting kids at risk. The lack of rules to make sure schools are testing the water is a threat to all kids.”

One man pointed the finger at the left, writing, “Did you vote for the demonrats that failed to take care of the water?”

In an epic clap back, Copeny responded, “As much as I would love to vote the incompetent politicians out of office unfortunately I personally can’t vote yet … see I’m only 11.”

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