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T.I.’s Pays Small Fine to Settle Security Guard Assault Case

The case of T.I. and the security guard has officially been closed after the rapper paid a small fine.

Back in May, Tip was arrested for public drunkenness, assault and disorderly conduct after he approached the guard who was working at his gated community. Tip didn’t have his key at the time, and the guard wouldn’t let him in.

T.I. paid a $300 fine and his case involving a security guard is now closed


Later, however, after Tiny verified who the rapper was, he was given access but later returned. Tip then asked for a supervisor and accused the guard of cursing Tiny out over the phone, plus, falling asleep on the job.

The guard said T.I. threatened to beat him up, while all along Tip maintained that he just wanted the name of his supervisor. In the end, the guard was terminated.

But then, after the “Dime Trap” creator was arrested, two videos surfaced: One was a clip of T.I. at the police station asking why he was taken in. Plus, there was footage of the arresting officers accusing the rapper of diva behavior and not wanting to follow rules.

But now, the Atlanta wordsmith can put all of that behind him, because according to his attorney, he appeared in a Henry County, Ga. courtroom, paid a $300 fine for the disorderly conduct charge and the rest of the charges were dropped.

Tip hasn’t commented on the case being closed, but shortly after the arrest, the rapper said he wasn’t worried about the charges since they were all misdemeanors and he has faced more serious charges in the past.

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