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Matt Barnes’ Baby Announcement Photo Takes a Turn After a Fan Brings Up His Child Support Woes

Somebody dissed Matt Barnes after he posted a photo of his newborn son, and he shot back but it didn’t go too well.

The former NBA player and his girlfriend Anansa Sims welcomed Ashton Joseph on December 7, and the picture Barnes shared showed the newborn asleep.

Matt Barnes responded to a woman who trolled a photo of his son

“Just in time for the holidays,” he wrote. “Ashton Joseph Barnes aka ‘AJ.'”

But instead of commenting on the actual photo or saying congratulations, the woman who dissed him brought up Barnes’ custody case with his ex-wife Gloria Govan.

“She gon’ get you next for child support like the other three,” wrote the Instagram user.

Then Barnes, in a seeming attempt to end the woman right there, brought up her eye makeup. At least that’s how his message read.

“You do freelance makeup for the circus?” he wrote.

But a lot of folks sided with the women and said they liked her makeup. Others just criticized Barnes’ clapback skills and said they definitely need some sharpening.

“Her make up looks great,” someone wrote. “His comeback was wack.”

“My four year old has better comebacks,” wrote another. “And his face is burning ’cause he’s mad that she’s right.”

“She definitely hit a nerve.”


“LOL. That comeback was DRY. He felt some type of way about what she said.”

But a few people, not very many, said the woman was “out of line” for coming at the former Los Angeles Clipper, and she had no right to speak on his custody case.

Last week we shared the news that Barnes got his child support payments to Govan lowered from $20,000 a month to around $6,000. He also received primary custody of his twin boys, while Govan gets to see them once during the week and every other weekend.

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