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20 Men Arrested For Illegal Gun Possession Following Rap Video

The music video for the song “Hoova,” featuring Houston rappers Maxo Kream and NFL Cartel Bo currently has over 2 million views on YouTube, and that could be due to Bo’s killer flow or the controversy surrounding the clip.

According to local news outlet KRPC, 20 men were arrested for possessing illegal weapons in the video, and the cops used the footage to track everyone down.

In fact, Maxo and Bo had a run-in with police when the visuals were shot in March, and some of the men ran away and left the guns behind when they arrived. A few of the men had open warrants as well.

20 men were arrested for flashing illegal guns in a video featuring Maxo Kream and NFL Cartel Bo


All in all, police said there were about a dozen illegal guns in the clip and some of them were stolen. Throughout the video, you can see Bo and his crew flashing all kinds of handguns, as well as assault rifles. At one point, Bo is even playing one of the rifles like a guitar.

Maxo wasn’t seen holding a gun in the video, so he wasn’t arrested or charged.

Bo, on the other hand, was hit with illegal possession of two assault rifles and threatening a police officer, which he was accused of doing on his way to jail. Bo eventually bonded out and was made to wear an ankle bracelet, but cut it off and is now on the run. Police are also looking for nine others who were in the video.

Maxo hasn’t commented on the arrest yet or on Bo’s legal situation.

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