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Ronnie DeVoe’s Acceptance Speech Hijacked By Twin Son’s Adorable Interjection

Ronnie DeVoe playfully accepted his NAACP Image Award in a recent home video but it was his twin son who won fans’ hearts when he joined in on the fun.

The New Edition performer’s wife, Shamari DeVoe, uploaded the cute moment to her Instagram page Monday, Dec. 10.

“On the behalf of the DeVoe twins and Mommy and Daddy, we’d like to say thank you to the academy and all our friends and fans,” Ronnie says before the clip cuts and son Roman sneaks in a wink that sent fans into overdrive. When the camera turns back on, Ronnie continues. “We’d like to thank all the fans for making the New Edition Sto—”

Adorably, the youngest DeVoe twin cut in to try to finish dad’s acceptance speech.

“Go ahead and say it,” Ronnie encourages the tot, “number one! Say it! Number one, Roman! Put that finger in the air. Number one!”

“As @bigrondevoe makes his acceptance speech for the #NAACP award for the #NewEditionStory, Roman is clearly trying to steal the show! Winking at @sparksthestylist and talking over Daddy 😂 @DeVoeTwins #DeVoeTwins #WonderTwinPower.”

Fans ate up the moment, which was filled with cuteness overload. And many marveled at Roman’s wink.

“Roman saw the flash of the camera and went into action😂”

“Omg that lil wink😉 was everything 😂😂😂😂 too cute.”

“Is that baby winking?”

“Aww that baby looking like a tweety when winked his little eye and that’s so cute and funny too.”

“y’all gone have some trouble on ya hands with roman ! ronald gone be the sneaky one.”

“Where he learn to wink like that? Lol😍”

“Super cute and handsome twins 🎈🎈Congratulations.”

“One of the twins looks like her and the other looks like him. That little wink was soooooo cute.”

“This is too cute. Congrats!! It was an awesome series!”

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