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Mixed Reports Surface About Cardi B and Offset’s Rumored Reconciliation

Can money solve the problems that lie between Cardi B and Offset? According to an industry insider, the answer to that question is yes.

Allegedly an insider told MTONews that Offset promised Cardi that he wouldn’t cheat on her anymore and if the rapper did he’d pay her $10 million for each slip-up. All of this comes after the “Money” rhymer said she left Offset, while rumors flew that he’d try to set up a threesome with Cuban Doll, as well as her former friend.

Offset reportedly offered Cardi B $10 million if he cheated on her again


The insider also states that Cardi was eager to forgive her baby’s father but needed something more than just an ordinary promise that he wouldn’t be unfaithful. On top of that, the source said The Bronx rapper is not only mad at being cheated on, but she’s embarrassed as well.

“Offset got Cardi out here looking bad,” said the source. “He’s not only cheating but being real reckless. Offset said he won’t cheat and offered up $10 million for each thot he cheats with.”

The report states that Cardi has already partially forgiven the Migos rapper, and they’re currently trying to work things out.

“It’s not like everything is back to normal, but that’s [Cardi’s] love and her baby’s father and her husband,” relayed the insider. “She’s taking him back. At least if he cheats again she gets a giant bag out of it.”

But an insider from The Blast says otherwise and states the two rappers haven’t rekindled their relationship. In fact, they’re not even on speaking terms.

At this time, neither Cardi or Offset have addressed these reports.

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