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Issa Rae Signs Multi-Picture Deal With Columbia to Bring On and Develop A Diverse Group of Screenwriters

Issa Rae has spoken many times about Hollywood needing more diversity, and now she’s doing something about it.

According to Variety, ColorCreative, Rae’s production company, inked a multi-picture production deal with Columbia Pictures, and a main clause is that ColorCreative will hire and promote a diverse group of screenwriters.

Issa Rae sings multi-picture deal with Columbia to bring on a diverse group of screenwriters


The writers will work with Rae and Columbia as part of a mentorship to hone their ideas and them into full-on projects. Bryan Smiley, Columbia Sony’s vice president of production, will work with Issa to develop the new talent, which she said is a major dream of her’s .

“Working with Bryan Smiley and Columbia Pictures to further the mission ColorCreative set out to achieve four years ago in creating access for underrepresented writers, has been a dream come true,” said Rae in a statement.

“All of the projects we are working on are fresh and promising and we can’t wait to continue the work,” she added. “We hope to set a precedent and inspire the industry at large to invest in undiscovered talent, original IP, and fresh stories and perspectives.”

Sanford Panitch, Columbia’s president also spoke of the deal and praised Rae for her ability to find new creative talent.

“Issa is a force of nature, and a magnet for talented people,” he stated. “We couldn’t be more excited to join her in her mission to pave the way for fresh and authentic voices.”

Those selected to be part of the mentorship program will be announced in the spring of 2019.

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