‘LHH’ Fans Blast Jonathan for His ‘Nonexistent’ Beef with JuJu: ‘Why Is He Mad?’

Love and Hip Hop” star Jonathan Fernandez is currently in hot water with fans after his “petty” feud with his former friend Juliet “JuJu” Castaneda.

During last season of ‘LHH’, Fernandez and Castaneda were thick as thieves, but now the longtime friends are at each other’s throats. According to Fernanedz, their squabble started after the Cuban model allegedly stole his idea for a podcast and capitalized off of it.

“Last year I told her I’m gonna make it my mission to end up on the radio. I’m not just some makeup artist. … I’m going to make things happen for myself. So I shared this with her and she tells me ‘Oh let’s do it together… Maybe we could start a podcast,'” the makeup stylist explained.

Jonathan Fernendez

(photo credit Instagram/ from left Jonathan and JuJu)

Fernandez said he received a phone call from Castaneda saying she had a meeting with a company who wanted to give her a show for the potential podcast they spoke about. He said he felt the author stole his idea and “ran with it.” He also felt that she’s extremely “secretive.”

Castaneda, on the other hand, said she did tell Fernandez about the meeting, but he said he couldn’t make it so she proceeded without him. She also had an issue with her former friend not telling her exactly how he felt about the situation.

“LHH” fans apparently sided with Castaneda and slammed Fernandez for feuding with his the “Candy Jewels Hair” CEO.

“Juju is like the sweetest person ever and doesn’t do drama I feel like he’s just tryna bring her out her character 😡.”

“He just said JuJu called him and tried to bring him along. He didn’t snag a deal and she did sounds to me he’s jealous 🤔.”

“Why is he mad? JuJu landed a deal before you, you mad? Then she tried to put coins in ya pocket and put you on? FOH.”

One fan jumped to Fernandez’s defense and added, “Why ya’ll jumpin on Jonathan. He’s the one who came up with the idea. JuJu took his idea and ran with it 🙄.”


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