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Steve Harvey’s Invite to His New Year’s Eve Event Goes Left with Discussion About Black Performers  

Steve Harvey‘s gearing up to return as a host for Fox’s New Year’s Eve event in Times Square, New York City. As Harvey promoted the event, his followers shared their displeasure with the event’s lineup.

Harvey took to his Instagram late last week to share the flier and gear up his fans to tune in. The performers listed on the flier were Sting, Robin Thicke and Florence + The Machine.

The “Family Feud” host noted in his caption, “Are you ready? It’s the party of the year- and you’re invited! Join me for New Year’s Eve on FOX don’t miss the party #NYEon FOX.”

Steve Harvey

Fans quickly noticed a lack of Black performers or any person of color for that matter.

“Not a very popular line up with the brothers?”, asked one follower.

“NOT MY KIND OF PARTY! Wheres the black people at?

“Steve please get some Black performers”

“I guess nobody of color was available to perform as well”, mused another follower “iamsdanee” who defended themselves against another follower who expressed disbelief with the comment, “wow, really.”

The follower, “iamsdanee” further detailed why the lineup was troubling, “That’s not on him but the network. I think there should be more representation for entertainment.” Adding, “I’m glad for him but for me and I’m speaking for me only, as a person of color the lineup doesn’t appeal to me to watch it.”

Another questioned why race was brought up in the first place, “why you gotta make this a race thing?”

This is the second year Harvey is hosting the live NYE event, however, last year’s lineup included a diverse group of artists including, Mariah Carey, Flo Rida, Macklemore, Celine Dion and Neil Diamond.

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