Phaedra Parks Advises Cardi B on Her Skipped Court Appearance

Cardi B was due to appear in court Monday in connection with a scuffle in a New York strip club over the summer. However, the rapper failed to show up, and she might face jail time if she doesn’t arrive at her next hearing this Friday.

Now attorney Phaedra Parks has weighed in and put things simply for the “Money” rapper.

But first, some background: Cardi faces misdemeanor charges for allegedly commanding an attack on two bartenders, sisters Jade and Baddie Gi, at Angels Strip Club in Queens on August 29. The Gis allegedly suffered injuries but did not undergo medical treatment.

When the mother of one did not arrive at Queens Criminal Court on Dec. 3, Judge Sean Dunn gave a warning to Cardi’s attorney, Jeff Kern.

“I want you to convey to her that it’s not acceptable that she’s not here today,” he said, according to Page Six. “You should inform her that if she doesn’t show up, that unless circumstances change, it’s very likely that the court will issue a bench warrant for her arrest.”

Kern mentioned how busy his client is, as she was spotted in Miami filming a music video. Still, the judge isn’t interested in giving the star special treatment.

And Parks advises Cardi to just head to court.

“Celebrities, obviously, are under a very higher level of scrutiny than the average person because people are following them, people are waiting for them to do anything, and so I don’t know if it’s smart to skip out on a court date and get your twerk on,” “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum explains to TMZ on Dec. 4. “That might not be the best idea … Just go to court, just handle it and be done with it. The sooner you get it over with the better you’ll be and the safer you’ll be in these streets, honey, because the people are watching Bardi and the Bardi Gang.”

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