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Joseline Hernandez Still Rapping Her ‘Hate Me Now’ Track and Fans Still Hate It

Joseline Hernandez recorded herself jamming to her 2017 song “Hate Me Now” on her Instagram. She obviously loved the song, but the fans obviously hated it and trashed her for having no talent.

Hernandez made a video of her rapping the lyrics to her song in her car while driving. “So easily brainwashed. You never been who you say you are. In fact that dusty bitch come around. Little nothin’ basuda.”

The video depicts her wearing a translucent white crop-top with feathers on the shoulders.

The “Puerto Rican Princess” shared the video to her Instagram on Wednesday. In her caption she wrote, “#hatemenow.” The reality star received tons of comments from fans not feeling the music.

“She keep on forgetting to make the words rhyme…”

“You’re so garbage at rapping… It’s pathetic”

“Wtf are you talking about…”

“this sh*t is so trash”

Some fans declared Hernandez is attractive but rap isn’t for her.

“You better be glad you fine girl this rap shit just ain’t it…”

“U fine asp ho but can I write for you bae please”

One fan even offered a critique on her rapping. “Rap in ur language instead.”

The reality star was previously trashed for this song when she originally released it back in 2017. She teased on her Instagram that the song would be a diss track to rapper Cardi B. In her caption she wrote, “Y’all ready for tomorrow. exposing you ho*s.”

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