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Wesley Snipes Has the Internet Rolling After He Takes Down Troll Who Throws Shade About His Tax Woes

Wesley Snipes is no stranger to clapping back at fans and the holiday season is no exception to his ways.

The actor got into a spat with an everyday Twitter user Wednesday after @Tis_Jazzy decided to throw some shade about the actor’s past tax woes.

wesley snipes

(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

“Treat yourself like you are someone you care about…” Snipes tweeted.

“Lololol boy you did that and forgot to pay taxes,” @Tis_Jazzy replied in a quote tweet.

“A man without a woman is a man who trolls other men online in a rented suit,” Snipes hit back. “🙏🏿 God Bless Miss Jazzy.”

But things didn’t stop there.

Mr. Jazz replied by taking a dig at Snipes’ arguably most popular role tweeting, “Lmaooooo say less Blade.”

“Kick rocks Weakclef Jean,” Snipes tweeted back, shading @Tis_Jazzy’s budding locs.

wesley snipes

Other Twitter users largely found it funny.

“Boy blade said he had enough 😂😂😂😂”


“Now lmfaoooo n—- why you ain’t tell me ya suit rented.”


This is far from the first time Snipes has used his Twitter fingers to shut down a troll. In February 2017, Snipes was discussing President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. In a series of tweets, the actor made it clear he was against Trump’s controversial policy to tentatively prevent Muslims in seven countries from coming onto American shores.

When several users gave explanations about why the ban is necessary, Snipes hit back at several fans individually to defend his stance.

“I have no problem blocking the heartless. Show yourselves & I will show you the Wesley Wall real quick!” he tweeted. “Stop justifying these actions with the words ‘it’s temporary. Banning someone from their home & family is ungodly even if for one day!”

Then, when a Twitter user told him to pay his taxes, this clapback came along.

“Hey Justin, come get these hands. Tax free,” Snipes said.


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