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Wesley Snipes Shuts Down Folks Who Try to Silence His Comments Against Trump’s Immigration Ban

Wesley Snipes (nicogenin/Flickr)

Wesley Snipes has spoken out against the Muslim ban imposed by President Donald Trump and he doesn’t have time for anyone who says celebrities should shut up and stick to entertaining.

In a tweet posted Tuesday, Jan. 31, the “Blade” actor announced he was against the executive order, which tentatively blocks Muslims in seven countries from entering the U.S. He completed the message with a video showing an Iranian-American man crying over the situation.

Some users responded by defending Trump’s move, imploring Snipes to read up on the details.

One defended it as a precautionary measure.

Snipes responded quickly, demanding responders stop “justifying these actions” by saying they are temporary and stating that people should be sympathetic toward the immigrants affected.

He took on some of the Trump-supporting naysayers.

And saved the best comeback for last.

Snipes is the most recent celebrity to voice opposition to the presidential ruling. Rihanna also got into a social media back and forth over the ban with rapper Azealia Banks Sunday, Jan. 29. Banks, who has voiced support for Trump in the past, demanded Rih stick to performing while trading digs with the singer. Their feud ended with them reportedly posting each other’s phone numbers online before the screenshots were removed.

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