Tip Holds Forth on Trump, Says America Turned into an International Joke By Choosing a ‘Madman’

Since Donald Trump won the election, he’s been openly criticized by much of hip-hop, with T.I. pretty much leading the charge.

For the past two years, the rapper has slammed the president in interviews, on social media and created a huge stir when he made a video that included a Melania Trump lookalike stripping in a mock Oval Office.

T.I. blasted Donald Trump in a new interview.


T.I. recently sat down with TMZ’s Raquel Harper for “Raq Rants,” and he continued to denounce Trump after being asked what his main problem is.

“I think privilege, entitlement, hypocrisy,” Tip answered. “The fact that people feel the color of their skin makes them a better person and more qualified and more eligible for opportunities.”

The Grand Hustle leader also said he’s concerned that America is losing its strong reputation in the world and is now an international laughingstock. On top of that, Tip said he’s still scratching his head that Trump actually received enough votes to win the presidency and still has so many ardent supporters.

“We can’t continue to call ourselves the greatest nation in the world if we continue to behave this way,” T.I. explained. “On the world stage, it’s a joke. How can you let such a thing happen to your country? How can you put the most prestigious office to be held in the free world? How can you let that fall into the hands of a madman?”

You can see a clip of of the rapper’s interview below and watch it in its entirety on Tuesday, Dec. 11, at 11 p.m. EST on BET.

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