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On His Tip: T.I. Video of Naked Melania Trump Lookalike Gets a Rise from Social Media, Melania Herself

T.I. released a controversial video featuring a Melania Trump lookalike, and it’s caused a massive stir.

The clip starts with Donald Trump leaving the White House for a trip, and Melania is left behind. From there, T.I. watches the president’s helicopter take off from the Oval Office window, and soon afterward the first lady walks in.

T.I. Releases Video Mocking Melania Trump and People Ask for Boycott


The actress who plays Melania sports the infamous “I Really Don’t Care” jacket, the one Melania wore when she visited a migrant child detention center this year. The woman then takes off the jacket in the clip and stands in front of Tip naked.

The video is to promote T.I.’s new “Dime Trap” album, and the clip has already gotten a response from Melania’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham, who demanded a boycott.

“How is this acceptable?” she tweeted. “#Disgusting, #boycottT.I.,”

Melania then re-tweeted that message.

Tip hasn’t responded to the growing chatter yet, but he wrote a message to Donald Trump in the caption space of the video.

“Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye [West],” he wrote.

Of course, the clip drew various responses from the rapper’s followers as well and some approved of it and others didn’t.

“Yes @Tip. I love it,” one person wrote. “Lol. #iaintkanye.”

“This is not okay,”wrote another. “You don’t have to like Trump. In fact, you don’t have to like anyone, but you do need to be more cordial and respectful and stop making us look bad to other countries. And who are you to judge Kanye? Everyone has their own mind. We don’t all have to follow suit.”

“Melania got your message,” a third person tweeted. “She’s calling for a boycott of all things T.I. By the way, great vid. Nicely done.”

You can see a portion of the video below.

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