Toya Wright Strikes Humorous Chord with Video of Her Asking Robert Rushing to Help Her Choose Between Shoes


Toya Wright asked her boo Robert Rushing to help her pick out some shoes, and their back-and-forth was hilarious.

Wright and Rushing were getting ready to attend T.I.’s birthday party. The reality star was having a bit of an issue picking out which shoes she wanted to rock to the party, so she asked her boyfriend for help.

Wright put two different shoes on so that Rushing could tell her which one he liked more. “Which shoe you like? Which shoe look better?” she asked. He responded, puzzled, “It’s the same shoe.” She then said, “It’s not the same shoe. It’s different.” Rushing seemingly just picked one and responded, “The one on the left.”

The mommy of two then said, “Nah, I think its the one on the right. You ain’t no help.” In her confessional she said, “It’s crazy, I always ask him for advice. Sometimes he get it right, and sometimes I be liking the opposite things.” She continued, “He be like, ‘Why the hell you ask me for’ and I be like ‘because I want your opinion.'”

On Monday she shared the clip from “T.I. & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle” right before the show aired that night. In her caption she wrote, “Red [Rushing] be so over me when I’m getting dressed. I know I’m not the only person that do this. Tune into @familyhustle tonight 9/8 c on @vh1 #familyhustle.”

The fans could definitely relate to a woman asking her man for advice on clothes and then not taking it.

“Facts. I just want your input. But I’m choosing the other one.”

“This is so me my husband hates it.”

“Lmaooo my boo be like bruh why did you even ask me?! Ummm cause I wanted your opinion sir. Libra woman Aries man over here lol he balances me out!”

“Lol men be sooo mad at us for this. Like girl get dressed. Yall too cute.”

Fans have always been very fond of the couple. In October, Wright showed off to Instagram her baecation pictures. The couple went to Greece and were looking good together. Fans left comments like “Absolutely gorgeous couple!”

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