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White Woman Butts Into Black Shoppers’ Conversation About Earth Kitt and Calls Them ‘Trained Liars’

A video of a white woman scolding three Black customers at a Nashville Target for allegedly talking about sex in a public went viral on social media.

The three women said they were verbally attacked by who the Internet dubbed as “Target Tammy” when they were discussing a scene from the 1992 movie “Boomerang.” One of the women told her cousin to try on a hat that “looked like something Eartha Kitt’s character” would wear in the film and the cousin said no “because her character had sex with a younger man” and that’s when the unidentified white woman wearing a NASA t-shirt stuck her nose into their conversation.


(White Target customer filmed harassing a group of Black women: Image: Facebook/Lena Jones)

One of the women who asked to remain anonymous, told Yahoo Lifestyle the nosey white shopper stuck her head over an accessory display and said deemed the women’s conversation “inappropriate.

“She told us, ‘You shouldn’t be talking about sex’,” she added. “We were confused — then, she came around the corner with her shopping cart and started ranting, ‘You don’t belong here’ and calling our conversation inappropriate.”

The white woman went onto say, “You were talking about sex in public — are you having sex in public? Because that’s what you screamed out loud.”

One of the women in the group corrected her and replied, “That is not what we said.”

The confrontation between the woman and group escalated more when the woman called them “trained liars” and said they were “perfect for the court system.”

“I understand you’re an abuser. I understand you’re abusive and you make up lies. Keep telling me I’m ignorant … personal attacks … I also didn’t realize that talking about sex was normal,” the white woman tells the group of women in the video.

Two Target employees eventually diffused the incident and listened to each party’s story.

“The employees could have easily kicked us all out of the store, but they took the time to listen,” said one of the women.

One of the women of the group shared the incident on Facebook on Nov. 30 and wrote, “We just had a BBQ Becky experience! This was just the last 3 minutes of it, but this woman [literally] approached us, told us our brief reference to Eartha Kitt in Boomerang was an inappropriate conversation and asked us to leave.”

Twitter users applauded the group of Black women for how they handled the situation, saying that the white woman should have minded her own business.

One person wrote, “Another white woman decided not to mind her own damn business. She intruded on the convo of 3 black women, tried to tell them what they did and didn’t say. Then she insulted and gaslit them, and played victim. As per usual. I hope they catch her in the streets #RacistBeckery.”

Another added, “I pray this type of hyper surveillance never happens to me because it will end extra ugly and I hope that the Black Womyn in this video are safe, sound and sane as they owe no White person an explanation about whatever they choose to speak… #TargetTeresa.”

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