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Nene Leakes Isn’t Done Tearing Into Porsha Williams About Her Betrayal: ‘Loyalty Is Royalty’

Nene Leakes doesn’t appear to be letting up on Porsha Williams any time soon.

The O.G. star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” took to Instagram Monday to share a lengthy post about loyalty. It came a day after she was blamed for blabbing to Williams what Kandi Burruss heard about the pregnant star’s fiancé. She shared that Dennis McKinley has gotten former flames’ names tattooed on him.

“Loyalty is Royalty!” Leakes’ meme posted online Dec. 3 read.

She expounded further in her caption writing, “Loyalty is hard to find! Why is that? Thank you to the people that ride wit me til the tires fall off! Many of these girls are in alliances they think you know nothing about. They wanna be looked at as the good person (when they are not). Keep the people close to you who are down with you! Keep the people who think YOU think they are down for you even closer 😂#datpart #stopgivingpeoplepassesforbadbehavior.”

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During the Sunday episode of RHOA, Burruss asked the ladies if she should share what she knows about Williams’ man’s history with the star since they were only just now getting back on good terms. Leakes, Marlo Hampton and Cynthia Bailey advised against it but Williams later shared that McKinley learned about the rumors and it caused some tension between the couple.

Since then, Leakes put Williams on blast saying she threw “big sis under the bus!”

With her latest post about the matter, fans have been taking sides.

“Big sis… you threw a rock and hid your hand! Just own up to it that you told Porsha! But I think things from all aspects could have been handled differently.”

“If your friend tell you something on the low, you don’t reveal. Obviously, Porsha knew the cameras were on.”

“Just do what you have to do for you and your family. You can’t stop Peoples for talkin the bulls—, keep your Head up high and be the boss lady that you are. God bless.🐾”


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