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Baby Heiress Harris Not Quite Woke Enough to Fool Dad T.I. and Brother King

Heiress Harris spent some quality time with her dad T.I. and big brother King Harris, but she got a little sleepy.

Heiress and the boys were taking a drive when the toddler got sleepy. She tried to pretend to be awake but just couldn’t keep up.

In a video of her trying to fight her sleep, King asked her, “Heiress, what’s wrong with you?” She responded with a smile and attempted to fight her sleep. T.I. also asked the 2-year-old, “You ready to eat pizza?” She pretended to be fully awake, nodding her head and saying, “Yeah.”

On Sunday, Tiny Harris shared the cute little video to her Instagram. In her caption she wrote, “My baby @heiressdharris is a whole 2yr old actress out here in these streets.. just rollin wit the boys @the_next_king @trobleman31 #FamilyHustle #SundayFunday”

The fans commented that the video was adorable and funny.

“She smiling in her sleep”

“Heiress said she’s TIRED tied. She like Ima gives ya this lil smile but then ima gon close my eyes right quick”

“This just made my day this is too cute”

“She has the sweetest spirit and temperament”

Baby Heiress recently had the fans in tears laughing over another video in which she was arguing with big brother King. On Thursday, Heiress argued with her 14-year-old brother about who was older. Tiny put the argument to rest when she told her daughter that King is older. But Heiress was not a fan of the response and began to cry.

Fans couldn’t get over how articulate the toddler was and left comments like, “She is everything and speaks so well for a 2 year old. She’s going to be so smart & intellectual just like major. You are an amazing mother Tiny”

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