‘Can You Speak with Her?’ Teacher Sends Letter Home Complaining Student Told Classmates She Has ‘Black Girl Magic’

A young girl was so loud and proud about her blackness that it rubbed her classmates the wrong way, sending them into a teary-eyed fit and prompting a letter home to her mother.

On Facebook, Jacquelyn Nietzsche posted a screenshot of the email she received from her daughter’s teacher alerting her to the unfortunate classroom incident Wednesday.


“I’m writing to you out of concern for an incident we had in class today with Mariah,” the email began. “During our free play time, Mariah was walking around the classroom yelling ‘I have Black girl magic’ to white female classmates.”

The teacher wrote that while they want Mariah to feel “empowered,” her declaration caused some of the other girls to cry.

“I hope that you would be willing to speak with her about this,” it concluded.

Nietzsche seemed flabbergasted by it all, writing sarcastically on Facebook, “First of all, what the hell is wrong with my child?” It’s unclear how she responded to the teacher’s complaint, however, social media users wasted no time flooding Neitzsche and her child with words of support.

“Hoping the mother talks to Mariah about how magical and powerful her BLACK GIRL MAGIC is,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Don’t turn down her shine so others can feel empowered!” wrote another.

Other folks argued there was no reason Nietzsche should have to talk with her daughter at all because the girl had done nothing wrong. Critics even blasted the teacher for taking issue with the fact that Mariah was self-confident and unapologetically Black.

“Teacher felt some kind of way,” one man wrote on Facebook. “The kids wasn’t crying. That bitch mad she not black girl magic.”

“I’m tryna figure out the issue??,” another chimed in. “This was not worth no damn email These white mfs be feeling offended when we empower & lift ourselves up.”

One man opined, “Proud Black girl and crying white girls. That sounds about normal.”

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