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Whoopi Goldberg’s Santa Sweater Not Enough to Stop Renewed Calls for Meghan McCain’s Ouster: ‘I Can’t Watch’

The View‘s” Whoopi Goldberg strutted on set Tuesday in an eye-catching holiday sweater that sent fans, and even her co-hosts, into a spell of frenzied admiration.

“It takes a real woman to get it done in one night,” the sweater read, displaying a Rosie the Riveter-style image on the front.

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain grew frustrated after audience members erupted into applause at her co-host’s point, which differed from hers. (The View / video screenshots)

Goldberg, 63, took a brief moment to explain the reasoning behind the shirt before jumping into the day’s juicy hot topics.

“I love it!” she began. “Because I think about the incredible things that women get done, you know. And they seem to be able to do this. And I always wonder, well maybe its Mrs. Claus who’s actually getting it all done. Maybe she’s actually doing everything!”

The audience erupted in applause at her joke.

The show’s co-hosts, Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar and Abby Huntsman, started in on their discussion of the days trending topic. However, it wasn’t long before fans were turned off by one of McCain’s infamous on-air tantrums during a debate over climate change. At one point McCain, 33, ordered the audience to stop clapping so that she could finish her point.

Her antics had viewers begging ABC to pull the plug on the former Fox News contributor. Many comments were left under a Twitter post meant to celebrate Whoopi’s sweater.

“Sorry, I changed the channel,” one Twitter user wrote. “I won’t be back until Meghan is gone. Differences are great, but the rudeness is unacceptable.”

“How can she tell someone stop clapping and get pissed at a guest?” another user chimed in. “I try soo hard to like her but its not working. She’s just crazy and angry too much too early in the morning I need a drink now.”

One critic inquired, “Does Megan McCain get paid extra for starting her s*&t right out of the gate? Tired of her. Off to watch @rachaelray.”

Yet another added with some advice to McCain, “Love the sweater. I enjoy watching The View, but sometimes Meagan goes overboard. Calm down. We all have opinions. And if the audience wants to clap on any views, you shouldn’t discourage them because you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion.”

McCain made her return to “The View” early last month after a month-long hiatus following the death of her father, Arizona Sen. John McCain. The elder McCain was 81 years old.

Watch more in the clip below.

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